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Glennellen starred as the leading role of Heidi in UpNext’s Los Angeles production of the hit Broadway musical, “TITLE OF SHOW.”

Cast by Anthony Fontana, directed by Clint Foley and produced by Bailey Bagheri, the show ran for 2 weekends in Orange County at the Chance Theater as well as Los Angeles at the Broadwater: Second Stage. Alongside Anderson, the cast included Blake Kevin Dwyer as Jeff, Jordan Becker as Hunter, and Joy Mamey as Susan.

Photography by Andrew Puente

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THE JOURNEY: An Original Indie Musical (2013-2015)

In 2013, Glennellen co-created an original musical titled “THE JOURNEY,” featuring the original musical of the band Long Lost Friend as well as originals written + co-written by Glennellen herself. She is included in the original cast, having originated the lead role of Phanny: a jazz singer full of spunk, promise and drive, who finds herself engaged (and soon married) to an abusive man. Anderson was an active creative team member from the start, fully involved for 3 years with the casting process, co-producing, rewrites, marketing and more. “THE JOURNEY” is a raw, dark story set in present day New Orleans, revolving around the lives of 6 very distinct characters who all make critical life choices with their lives that intricately connects them all.

The show was first presented in Gulf Shores at an exclusive concert read, which resulted in immensely positive feedback and a Q&A panel with the cast, creative team (Anderson, Kristen Long and C. Stefan King) and those who attended the read. In January 2014, Outre Theatre Company produced the show, with Anderson still leading as Phanny. The reception exceeded expectations, and come that fall they had landed a performance weekend at the iconic New Orleans Fringe Festival. Joining the NOLA Fringe cast included her father Jerry Anderson (former New Christy Minstrels member) as Dominik, Dew Pendleton as Jack, Nethaneel Williams as the Narrator, and Paden Anderson as the ensemble’s tap dancer soloist.

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Glennellen was cast as the iconic good witch, Glinda, in Pensacola Little Theatre’s professional production of “THE WIZARD OF OZ” in summer 2013. It sold out all 4 weekends.

It was directed by Stephen Lott, and the cast included Alyx Levesque as Dorothy, Garrett Metzler as the Scarecrow, Michael Smith as the Tin Man, Topher Warren as the Lion, and Kathy Holsworth as the wicked witch. Nethaneel Williams choreographed, alongside Joshua Lawson as dance captain and ensemble.

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Glennellen was cast in Outre Theatre Company’s production of “BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON,” in Miami, FL. She played a variety of speaking roles among the ensemble cast, as well as performed as a soloist in “10 Little Indians” and several of the score’s other songs.

It was directed by Skye Whitcomb, assistant directed by Sabrina Lynn Gore and music directed by Kristen Long.