BLOG: My Workout Routine + Becoming a Morning Person

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On New Year's Day 2018, I made a few resolutions that I've stuck by every day this year.  First, to covert from my night-owl lifestyle into #GIRLBOSS morning person.  Second, to finally enroll in all this yoga + Pilates classes I've been telling myself that I would for years.  Third, to achieve overall mental + physical health.  And guess what?  I did all of those things.  Read on to learn all my hacks.  Warning: it's far easier than you're telling yourself it is.





1. Get up with the alarm, even when it hurts.

That snooze button?  Say goodbye to it.  

I'm a firm believer in mindset affecting your outlook on life, and I realize that some people aren't convinced of that.  But when I believe me when I say that this tactic has not only has worked for me, but has also worked for anyone else I know who has taken this newfound approach on making significant changes.

So when my alarm goes off at 6:30AM, instead of thinking, "Son of a biscuit, this is torture," I'll kick back the covers to stretch and legitimately tell myself, "This is awesome.  I'm gonna get so much done, and gain more hours."  Then I stand up, grab my fuzzy Betsey Johnson robe (I dunno about you, but I'm always freezing in the morning because I keep my apartment set to 65 degrees every night) and wake up with a hot washcloth, followed by an ice cold rag. (skincare routine coming soon)

Bonus tip: if I need an extra boost of urgency to wake up in the morning, I'll set my alarm clock 15-mins earlier than my required wakeup time and schedule an Instagram post to format and share, which forces my brain to not only wake up and think - but to also dive into positive, productive thinking.  Nine times out of town, I strongly encourage no technology interaction until you've been up and at it for at least 30-45 minutes.

2. Soak in that view from your window or balcony with zero distractions.

I don't care if you have an ocean view balcony, or window that faces the highway and/or city life.  Take in that view and breathe.

Seriously, open the window or step outside/onto your balcony to breathe in fresh air.  Rain or shine.  And if you're up before the sun, then you tell it good morning before it rises.



A cup of espresso, coffee or tea during this part is always strongly encouraged. lawlz duh. 

3. Treat yourself to breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's time to start treating it as such.  Getting up early with a day revolving around exercise permits you the carbs.  So pop that multigrain waffle in the toaster, and slap some avocado and a banana onto the plate with it.

Here are just a few at-home breakfast DIY drinks and meal go-to's of mine:

  • Organic dark chocolate + avocado breakfast shake. Add cacao nibs and/or coconut savings for a little extra boost.

  • 1multigrain waffle, avocado, egg whites and a cup of pomegranate seeds.

  • Bell pepper, egg + hash scramble, served with avocado w/ lime, seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning and a cup of fruit.

  • Avocado toast topped with hard boiled eggs.

  • Carrot + orange cold pressed juice, blended with 1/2 of a banana.
    Make it a protein breakfast by serving with lox, sunny-side up eggs and an avocado.

  • H2O. H2O. And some more H2O.

  • Hot water or hot black tea with fresh lemon.

  • Black coffee, sweetened with a single packet of sugar in the raw or Stevia.

  • Iced matcha w/ oat milk, unsweetened or sweetened with 2 tsp. of agave.

 4. Pilates + Cardio dance

When I say that pilates changed my life, I mean that it quite literally changed my life. I’ve always loved and adored dance. I took dance classes from the age of 5 onwards. Whether it was a class, musical theatre or co-hosting at DJ parties, I was always dancing before making the move to LA where it came to a screeching halt. I knew I needed to implement it back into my life.

Waking up early, sporting my favorite yoga pants and a tank or sports bra, and getting myself to class early in the morning has been liberating. It’s something I chose to do for no one other than myself. I finally told myself that I do not require a workout buddy to hold me accountable, nor do I convince myself I can’t budget for it…when I budget more $ in coffees/teas on the go. So, I picked up the phone and called Total Woman Gym + Spa. I’d gone there for a 3-day trial with my best friend the year before I finally joined, and I had loved every single thing about it. It’s an all-women’s gym, offering a variety of classes, including both mat + reformer pilates. Joining this gym for myself and by myself was one of the best investments I’ve made to date.

Next thing I know, I’m going there 3-4 days a week, attending 1-2 classes a day. I’m also granted access to the steam room, sauna and showers, which was something I always looked forward to doing after my workouts. I would wake up at 7am/8am (sometimes 6am) to get a light breakfast in my stomach, hit the classes, freshen myself up and start my day before it was even 10am. I found more time to get things done, woke up with purpose and looked and felt worlds better.

Shoutout to Dr. Louise Diana, Tansy, Kaylin, and Mia, for being such incredible instructors + overall motivating women. Everyone there is lovely, but you 4 have especially stood out during my physical + mental health improvement.

5. Make a minimal, but affective, to-do list. Then, do it.

Dancing with my brother, Paden, at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL.  He’s now majoring in dance at the University of Alabama, and minoring in theatre.  Follow him on Instagram:  @padenunderscoreanderson

Dancing with my brother, Paden, at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL. He’s now majoring in dance at the University of Alabama, and minoring in theatre. Follow him on Instagram: @padenunderscoreanderson

I used to write myself lists of 20+ things to complete in a day, and it became such a struggle which resulted in my making only 50% headway. When I flew home for Christmas, my dad told me one morning over a cup of coffee, “Make yourself a list of 5 game-changing goals for this year. For your daily to-do list, do the same. This way, there’s no excuse for not accomplishing your day-to-day list, and you’re guaranteed to make moves.”

Sure enough, I took action on his advice. And it made a drastic difference, in my daily routine. I found every box checked, and even added 1-2 more things to my list as I went along. It’s not how much you get done. It’s what you get done.

Glennellen Anderson