Glennellen: LIVE in Concert.

"2, 3, 4."  glennellen counted us in strong for her 2018 kick-off concert.

Photo courtesy of Boston Lynn. BETTER OFF RED RECORDS, LLC (c)

Photo courtesy of Boston Lynn.

The former American Idol contestant brought down the house on May 24th, 2018, at Hollywood's well-acclaimed house of rock: The Whisky A Go Go.  Fans, new and old, crowded around outside the venue on Sunset Blvd, waiting to check their name off glennellen's will-call list and claim their tickets. 

The redheaded indie pop/alternative artist hit the stage at 9:30PM on a Thursday night - she and her band all donning the color RED, in correlation with her independent label and brand, Better Off Red.  It took no time for the house to pack out.  With standing room only to spare, from the main floor all the way up to the balcony, every onlooker was on their feet.  Dancing.  Rocking out.  Smiling.  Laughing.  Even crying, holding onto one another and swaying as glennellen sang her haunting, chill-worthy rendition of the X Ambassadors' hit single, "Unsteady," which was just one of the handful of stellar cover arrangements that she performed.

glennellen + her full band opened their 30-minute set with an edgy cover arrangement of the beloved KT Tunstall hit, "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree."  The drums (orchestrated by drummer, Lucio Viera) took us to the wilderness we all keep deep within our minds.  The electric guitar + bass (played by guitarist Roberto Reischak, and bassist Kevin Lambertucci) colored the world around us.  The keys (played by Dear Boy member + musician, Austin Hayman) teased and flirted with the notes.  And glennellen's raw vocals, laced with this rare combination of purity + grittiness, lead the way.

The young music artist performed a set of both cover arrangements + originals, which included two songs off her Perspective album, "A Good Girl" and "I Remember Ferris Wheels."  Despite audiences often wanting to mainly hear top hits and songs that everyone knows, this crowd jammed out just as hard (if not harder) to glennellen's original music.  

Angels crop top + high-waisted denim shorts from   CHANCE VINTAGE .  Glennellen + her band all wore red, in correlation with her independent record label + brand,   Better Off Red  .

Angels crop top + high-waisted denim shorts from CHANCE VINTAGE.
Glennellen + her band all wore red, in correlation with her independent record label + brand, Better Off Red.

"There wasn't a single onlooker who wasn't entranced with Glennellen and her band, from start to finish. She tackled top hits and oldies, plus captured us with her own music and lyrics.  You couldn't stop watching."

Amanda Weisman | PR at #TeamGlennellen

The redhead is known for her film + TV accolades, including her recurring role as Nicole on the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.  Glennellen has made headway with her acting career, landing guest star roles on NBC's primetime television series, Timeless, as well as AwesomenessTV's, Versus.  However, it's music that lead her to making the move to LA.


"Glennellen isn't an actress who can sing.  She's a music artist and lyricist, who can act."

Vinny O'Brien | SAG-Aftra Stuntman + Professional Boxer

Glennellen's voice alone captures her listeners.  It is this mixture of soprano pure tones that fill the room with enchantingly haunting ambience, and edgy alto belts that make you want to take on the world in front of you.  However, what really sets her aside from other artists is her stage presence. 

"She commands the room like someone who's been in the music business for 50 years, yet with the energy and humility of a new top music artist who just booked her first tour.  Even at smaller venues, you feel as though you're in a stadium filled with thousands upon thousands of people.  And that just does't exist these days." 

Kat B. Booking Agent

She may be young, but Glennellen is well adversed in the music industry.  And her team knows it.  Glennellen's management team reps came out to support, including her theatrical agents.  Elle Potruch, assistant at Henderson Represents, INC. came alone, not knowing she'd leave the show so moved by their film/TV client.  Quoting her:

"A sea of faces awash with excitement, coupled with the killer light show, eagerly await the next song Glennellen is about to hit them with. She grins widely, then asks us, ‘Who here loves Dua Lipa?!'  The crowd goes wild, knowing that she’s about to kill the singer’s #1 single, New Rules. The guitars start in, then the killer drum line, and then the real magic happens. Glennellen’s inspiring voice echoes throughout the venue. With her wide vocal range and retro-esque vibes, she takes you to another place. 

Following pop/rap Rachel Pauli singer before her, she blows it out of the water with her strong musical choices, cementing the idea in everyone’s head that she’s not just any singer. Her artistic choices set her apart from any Youtube-‘famous’ cover singer out there, from her disposition to her rock-n-roll style band. Glennellen’s original song, I Remember Ferris Wheels, resonates with the crowd deeply. Haven’t we all been heartbroken and ready to get out of our small towns? Two young men next to me lean in and remark about her vocal prowess, commenting on her power and great song-writing talent. While I came to the venue by myself, I felt totally connected with the audience as well as Glennellen, who above all else, just wants to put on the best show she can. And that, she did." 

Elle Potruch Henderson Represents, INC.

Photo courtesy of Boston Lynn Better Off Red Records, LLC (c)

Photo courtesy of Boston Lynn
Better Off Red Records, LLC (c)

While the first 3 songs (all cover arrangements) were confident, upbeat, and wildly fun, they took us straight into the vulnerable lyrics of Glennellen's original, "A Good Girl."

She sings:
"It's not what I want, and it's not what I need...
Your words are razors, make my heart bleed...
Feed off my love, drive me insane, you make me feel guilty for the choices I've made
God, I was such a good girl..."


It starts off with just the piano and her softest vocals, then we get introduced to the rest of the band's presence in her ballad, until we've somehow left its initial innocent start and entered into this labyrinth of pop rock-n-roll, similar to the sounds of Hayley Williams and Evanescence.  The song continues:

"God, I'm trying to be a good girl...
But he's got me lost in those lonely eyes
And he swears that I'm the light they've never seen
God, help me be a good girl...
'Cause he's scared to lose me, but quick to lash out when it's not his way... do I stay?
God, help me... help me...
He's all that I want, but he's nothing I need."


When the band crashes out Glennellen's "19-year-old chapter in the diary" (quoting Glennellen's words to her fans, following the performance) the screaming crowd is surprised to find the singer emotional, standing back from the mic with her fingers clutching at her heart as she smiles through what seems to be fighting back tears.  Yet instead of insecurely hiding her feelings, she just lets the emotions of a past toxic relationship show, and the vulnerability hat she so unapologetically displays connects her with the audience in the most personal way.

So by the time we get around to hearing her set's next featured original, "I Remember Ferris Wheels," we're officially tuned into the songwriter's diary.  Acclaimed "the best, most maturely written and composed song on her album" (Don Srygley, chief engineer at FAME Studios), Glennellen sings about her cherished memories of growing up.

Glennellen made her Los Angeles music debut at  The Whisky A Go Go  in June 2017.  This year, they brought her back to open up for the headlining band,  We Are YouneQ.   

Glennellen made her Los Angeles music debut at The Whisky A Go Go in June 2017.  This year, they brought her back to open up for the headlining band, We Are YouneQ.  

She reminds us with her lyrics:
"I remember every year that made it count
When each of us met, up till now
That summer we laughed in the sand under towels
Too many photos, not enough hours..."

We then hear about Glennellen experiencing "vanilla kisses" on Ferris Wheels, swimming on cold nights with her friends on the beach and jumping rooftops with them.  She even calls out their names, noting Jon and Sarah, followed by the names of her girlfriends, Amy, Syd, and Hollis.  She paints such vivid pictures with her lyrics, and somehow we feel as if we know these strangers that she has grown up with as we listen to the poetic song.  In reference to what Elle Potruch said earlier, regarding the heartache of longing to fly from the nest of your hometown, Glennellen describes it from her perspective (pun intended) in a nutshell.

"I'm singing at the top of my lungs, got my next record rollin' off my tongue.
And the guys and gals cheer along...
They're serving tables, drinking beer, I'm ready to move outta here.
Hollywood, here I come
Got my bags packed, one two three attack
Won't look back."


There's no question that Glennellen is a true musician, through and through, despite her not playing a musical instrument.

"My voice is my instrument."

- glennellen

This darkly beautiful song, written solely by Glennellen, has a very similar style to that of Lana Del Rey, yet with the vocal tonality of Birdy and Joy Williams.  And while it reveals so much of her upbringing, it still leaves us all wondering at the same time as she song concludes.  We are left with so many questions, but Glennellen leaves those to us to both ask and interpret - which is a very fun thing.







30 minutes went by all too fast, and the next thing we know Glennellen is introducing us to her last song of the night...which is her jazzy, soulful, R&B cover arrangement of Alessia Cara's hit single, "Here."  Glennellen lets the lyrics roll off her tongue in a smooth, rhythmic way, cueing her band for all the epic stops and hits that they've planted throughout their rendition of the song.

As we reach the song's climactic bridge, we decrescendo briefly before crescendoing back into the final chorus.  But before we know it, Glennellen is taking a bow while her band still plays, and she ecstatically thanks the audience for attending.  She continues to give her final thank you's, saving the band (which she affectionately calls her "band of merry men") for last.  She cheers them on, commanding that we "give it up for the band!"  Then what does she say?

favorite full band.jpg

"Gentlemen, take 'em home."

And with that, Glennellen has waltzed off the stage and we are left with her incredible 4-piece band of musicians, giving us an epic instrumental outro.

Most music artists make sure to have the final say before exiting offstage, following their performance.  But not Glennellen.

"These gentlemen are my heart," she says.  "They are so deeply immersed in their craft, and they burst with passion every time that we rehearse and perform.  They make my wildest ideas come to life through their musical gifts and instruments.  I couldn't remotely create the shows that I perform if it weren't for them."

The audience's reaction backs that statement 100%.  They roar with excitement as the musicians play on, taking us home with a bang.  But even then, the crowd isn't ready to go home.  They want more.

The band takes their bow, and the audience cheers.  Then begins the chant: ONE! MORE! SONG!

Bassist,  Kevin     Lambertucci   . Photography by Boston Lynn

Bassist, Kevin Lambertucci.
Photography by Boston Lynn

The 4 musicians stares, taking in the scene.  They immediately turn to where Glennellen stands at the staircase, having watched her band close out the setlist.  As they all smile, she returns to the stage, speechless.  The crowd doesn't get any quieter, increasing in volume and still chanting: ONE! MORE! SONG!

So Glennellen smiles warmly at the onlookers, turning her gaze up to the sound booth. "I think it's up to the big man upstairs," she grins.  And with that, she gets the thumbs up.  Everyone continues to cheer, now braced for whatever encore with which this young indie pop/alternative could possibly follow up what she just did.  Because seriously: how in the world do you top that?

Well, Glennellen and the band seem to know how.  The electric guitar swells into an eerie, ambient intro.  The keys accompany, softly.  The bassist and drummer hang back, but they grin wickedly.  Glennellen gives them all knowing looks, then addresses the audience with a coy smile before stepping back up to the mic. Her voice takes on a lazy, entrancingly chilling straight-tone quality as she purrs the all-too familiar lyrics:

Drummer,   Lucio Vieira .  Photography by Boston Lynn.

Drummer, Lucio Vieira
Photography by Boston Lynn.



And with that, everyone knows that they are in for it.

The cover arrangement of Bill Withers' famously known "Ain't No Sunshine" starts off as this dreamy, haunting piece.  But as we enter into the world famous pre-chorus, "I know, I know, I know, I know," Glennellen and her band throw us into a full-fledged jam session, taking the onlookers on one of the wildest musical roller coaster rides of their life.

There's one more element that sets this passion young music artist + songwriter apart from most other musicians and singers...and that is her deeply rooted love and respect for her band.  It shows through every cue that she gives them, every time that she beams at them and dances with them onstage.  It showed when she looked at her keyboardist, Austin Hayman, in the middle of their encore rendition of Ain't No Sunshine, prompting him to dive into an impromptu solo of his own by asking, "How do you feel about that, Austin?"  With a smile, he dives into the keyboard and blows us away even more than he already has.  

Keyboardist,  Austin Hayman . Photography by Boston Lynn.

Keyboardist, Austin Hayman.
Photography by Boston Lynn.

Then comes the bassist's turn for a solo. "What about you, Kevin?"  Kevin Lambertucci gives a grin and follows suit, owning his spotlight moment.

Guitarist,  Roberto Reischak . Photography by Boston Lynn.

Guitarist, Roberto Reischak.
Photography by Boston Lynn.

Glennellen then turns to her guitarist, telling him to show us how their ain't no sunshine when she's gone.  With that, guitarist Roberto Reischak wails on the electric guitar and gets everyone in the audience rocking out all over again.

Then it's time for the last band member's solo, which Glennellen prompts in a different fashion.  "Hey, Lucio," she shouts.  "Let's tell these folks what we know..."  And with that, the drummer - Lucio Vieira - beams at her and the two of them are suddenly so in musically sync it's as if they both left the planet.  They stop and hit, crescendo and decrescendo, reading one another' minds and crushing every single musical choice they make on the spot.

As if the house weren't cheering wildly enough, they scream till the band and their leader leave the stage, introducing us to the headlining act of the night and welcoming them onstage.



Glennellen went on to meet and greet with the swarm of attendees, who were all so eager to shake her hand.  But it's hard to tell which one is a bigger fan of the other: the audience member, or music artist.  Truly, it's a tie.  Because the way that Glennellen hugs, shakes hands with and beams at each guest that approaches her after the show, you can't for one second doubt that she is so madly in love with every single one of them and grateful to everyone who watched and listened.

Many left with some of the very last copies of her original debut album, Perspective, which Glennellen co-produced and recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  Everyone new to Glennellen's music became a fan that night, and Whisky A Go Go booking manager, Jake Perry, can attest to that.

"A lot of the staff were talking about it after the show.  
(It was) great."

Jake Perry | Booking Manager at Whisky A Go Go


A lot of industry folks attended the show, blown away and rendered speechless upon hearing Glennellen perform live for the first time since working with her.  Some of those guests were from one of Los Angeles' top digital marketing agencies, TLK Fusionwho recently partnered with Glennellen.

“As a new friend and business partner of Glennellen, I had never heard her sing, let alone perform live. The second she stepped on the stage, everyone in the venue was transfixed on her presence, energy and ultimately her amazing voice. She totally owned the moment as every one of my friends kept telling me how great she was.
We can’t wait to see her perform again."

- Marco | Graphic Designer + Videographer at TLK FUSION

favorite 4.jpg

Glennellen hasn't released any new show dates as of yet, but one thing is for certain: her concert lineup of 2018 is officially in motion.  She confirms:

"I'm ready for my music to take the driver's seat this year.  My acting career is heading in the right direction, and I feel completely confident in that.  Now it's time for my music career and endeavors to do the same."



- #TeamGlennellen 
Glennellen Anderson