BroadwayWorld spotlights Glennellen in "TITLE OF SHOW" announcement

One of Broadway’s #1’s sources, BROADWAYWORLD, released an article spotlighting Glennellen’s appearance in the Los Angeles production of the beloved Broadway musical, “TITLE OF SHOW.”

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When Title of Show opened in Orange County at the Chance Theater, the cast and production crew at UpNext knew that the turnout would be great. Their expectations were met, and more.

The seats were filled with both pre-sale ticket holders and walk-in’s. Friends, family and strangers. The blackbox-style venue was just the the right space to present one of Broadway’s most hidden gems, known as the 4-person, 90-minute and keyboard-only musical: Title of Show.

Following the successful opening weekend in OC, was an even more successful Los Angeles show run. Both evening shows sold out, and several casting directors attended the matinee showing, including affiliates from Telsey + Co (casting office to The Greatest Showman, Glee, Smash, This Is Us, and more).

The turnout was truly overwhelming. I was asked by someone well respected in my industry why the show was not confirmed for extension yet. I deeply hope I can reach out to them, and several others, to let them know that TITLE OF SHOW has been extended. We had people who attended the show twice, some even three times. The entire thing was just... surreal.
— Glennellen


Glennellen Anderson