Coco Rave Swim x Glennellen

Glennellen’s creative skills don’t solely revolve around film, television and music.

This spring, the young actress/music artist partnered with Coco Rave Swim, a swiftly growing fashion-focused swimwear line. Their designs consist of trend-conscious bra-sized swimwear and lifestyle apparel, providing a wide variety of both styles and sizes.

When the brand approached Glennellen in regards to partnership, she took the opportunity to the next level, challenging herself by taking on the role of creative director for one of their social media campaigns.

I wanted to do more than just provide quality photo content. Personally? I love when I see an artist take their partnership with a brand to a very intimate level in video form. It allows for cinematic creation and captivation.
— Glennellen

Through her label, Better Off Red, Glennellen took one of her sponsored swimsuits from Coco Rave Swim - along with her team videographer - to the quieter beaches in Malibu, California. There, she captured raw, cinematically driven video footage, which solely features her soaking up the sun while donning their “Harlo” design - a classy but modern one piece black swimsuit with multicolored tie cut-outs accenting her sides.

The audio we are given as a listener is kept minimal but impactive. The sounds of the waves, washing along the shoreline. And Glennellen’s voiceover, where she narrates her own original words which were specifically written for this campaign, where she tells us about finding “serenity in solitude.”

Which is why Glennellen has title her first #CocoRaveSwimxGlennellen video campaign, SERENITY.



Glennellen is wearing the “Harlo” design in an x-small. SHOP HERE.

COCO RAVE SWIM gave me artistic liberty with this, so I ran with it full steam ahead. It’s a very vulnerable piece, while still getting a confident point across. Self-love is a highly discussed topic right now, and what we wear is one of the ways we express self-love not only to ourselves, but to others. I strive to make myself feel good every day, even when I’ll be spending it with no one but myself. That doesn’t always mean a full face of makeup and fancy clothing. It simply means caring how you look, in the best and realest of ways. I know who I am. There’s no faking it with myself. No one can fake it with themselves.
— glennellen

The video, shared to Instagram, received an overwhelmingly positive response almost instantly. Glennellen received DMs, personal calls and texts, and emails from other brands over the course of the first 24 hours from sharing the video with her followers. Her mission is to expand her followers through her platform, which she strives to build more and more on the daily.

As I continue to grow as an artist, and the broader my audience expands, I want to use my platform to show just how much positive power there is behind art shared through social media. I plan to take action with these digital ‘movements’ that so often don’t progress past celebrity endorsement, pop-ups and words that lack action to back them. Whether that’s through my passion for creative direction, music, design, acting, or some other form of art, I choose to make statements that reach the soul...not just the eyes when scrolling digital feeds.
— glennellen


Glennellen Anderson