BLOG: My Haircare Routine+ Secrets

The daily question I get asked: "Is that your natural hair color?"  The answer: yes, it is.  You babes have been asking what products I use, how I style it, etc.  Well guess what?  The answers are here. Read on to learn about my haircare routine, secrets, go-to products, and super simple styling tips.


The #NaturalRedhead Lifestyle


The life of a natural redhead is a fun one, and I've never wished I hadn't been born with these wildly fun locks.  

I've known since childhood that my red hair is my most unique feature about me.  There's never a moment where the compliments about my hair get old.  I know it's a rare trait, and I'm reminded of that with every remark I'm given about it.  I've never had a chance to want to blend in, because growing up I was constantly reminded of just how powerful it is to stand out.  As a kid, you think, "Oh wow, I don't look like the others.  This is cool!"  But as I grew older, those simple thoughts expanded as I began to pursue my music and acting career.  And as I dove deeper into the business and power behind branding, I soon realized that my red hair is not only an appearance stand-out.  It's my trademark.


It's no secret that my hair was the inspiration behind the name of my brand, Better Off Red, INC. (which is the umbrella company for my independent record label, business INC., and any partnerships + collaborations I sign with other brands and companies).  

Pursuing a career in film + television, it was truly interesting seeing what "type" I knew casting directors and producers would see me as.  My fiery red hair was an obvious go-to for mean girl roles, hence my recurring mean girl role of Nicole on Stranger Things and baddie lacrosse player Brooke on Versus.  Even bringing the lead role of Mary Lennox to life in The Secret Garden, director/writer Owen Smith decided to make her 16 years old in his Steampunk adaptation of the classic tale and give the character an edgier, darker quality about her.  Modeling agencies and photographers see my hair in a different light, primarily due to the fact that my features that go along with it can be made up to look so drastically different by makeup artists and hair stylists.  My eyelashes and eyebrows are naturally blonde, so for high fashion shoots and runway shows, the crew + hair and makeup teams really like to play with that.  This played into how I was made to look when I guest starred as young 1919 suffragette in NBC's Timeless.  My facial features can be done up in ways that give me a broad age range onscreen, enabling me the ability to play as young as 15 all the way up to early twenties.  It's madly fun.

As far as my music career goes, that leaned into the branding on an even stronger note and is continuing to do so.  It started with my creating an LLC after I participated on American Idol and co-produced my debut album, Perspective, at FAME Studios.  The hair is an iconic statement, and greatly affects the branding and stylistic choices that go into any photoshoots and video shoots for me as a music artist and songwriter.

Beyond the Red: My Haircare Secrets Exposed

The main questions I get asked pertaining to my hair are the following:

  1. How do you keep your hair so healthy?

  2. What's your daily hairstyling routine?

  3. What shampoo + conditioner do you use?

  4. What are your go-to hair products?

  5. How do I get your beach wave?

Get ready.  Because I'm about to answer all of these.  Warning: my answers are all so embarrassingly simple.


Glennellen Anderson