BRAT adds Glennellen to the cast of new series, "A Girl Named Jo," starring Annie Leblanc and Addison Riecke

You heard it. The digital network, BRAT, released their newest series called "A GIRL NAMED JO.  The show takes place in the iconic 1960's and stars Nickelodeon stars Annie Leblanc and Addison Reicke.  Joining them + the rest of the cast is Glennellen.  Get the scoop here.

Well acclaimed casting director Kelly Knox cast the teen mystery drama web series.  After bringing Anderson in to audition for a Sundance film, along with other projects, Knox called her agent to confirm her as a recurring guest star for the BRAT series.  "I want to book her," he said the day after she'd come in for a different audition.  "I like her."

Glennellen plays Linda, a young high school cheerleader and glee club leader.  So not only will the young redheaded triple threat be putting her acting skills to work, but she'll also be showcasing her vocal chops and musical talents.  During filming, the producers found her American Idol audition online.  They contacted her immediately, asking if she would be willing to perform her music talents on the show.

"This is the first film and television booking I've landed that has me merging my onscreen world with my music world," Glennellen says.  "It's honestly so exciting to finally have both of these passions of mine come together.  The way the writers added it to my character ties into the show perfectly.  Especially for season one's finale."

A GIRL NAMED JO airs all-new episodes every Tuesday on BRAT's YouTube channel, at 3:00 p.m. PST.  Be sure to tune in.

Glennellen Anderson